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Where to Learn EFT for Free

Gary CraigGold Standard EFT: Gary Craig is the founder and developer of Emotional Freedom Techniques. He is the most knowledgeable resource for EFT in the world today and his generosity has allowed all of us to have access to this wonderful tool at a cost that everyone can afford.

The tutorial on his website is entirely FREE OF CHARGE. With written text and video demos, it is the most complete explanation you will find available on the Internet no matter the price. Gary has no printable, book-like EFT-how-to instructions but even the most advanced levels of teaching are completely free for everyone now. His website is Emofree.com.

EFT International (EFTi - formerly AAMET): EFTi is the new home for a large number of articles which were originally posted on the EFT Free website. They have continued to build on this solid foundation. They are a major training board and have a quality FREE EFT manual available on their site.

EFT Universe: This is another one of the leading training boards for EFT. Like EFTi, they have a FREE downloadable 60-page Mini Manual.

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Other Popular Variations on EFT

Energy EFT: Silvia Hartmann is well known for her own more energy-based, spiritual-minded version of EFT. She is also responsible for the development of EmoTrance and Positive EFT. Her EFT, though in some respects quite different from Gary's Official/Classic EFT, is worth the exploration.

FasterEFT: With a greater part of his technique being based in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis, Robert Smith, has created a very simple and powerful version of an already revolutionary technique. His philosophy is very different which changes his application and this appeals to some people. He has created hundreds of videos on numerous subjects which are all available for free on YouTube. Because of this, his variation has very quickly gained popularity.

Just a caution: Keep your wits about you. Robert tends to consider HIS version the best version and his way the only worthy way. He has been known in the past to not always be respectful when dealing with traumatic issues, often putting the blame on the client for not healing and using dangerous techniques that can and have retraumatized people. Please listen to your own inner promptings and if anything that is suggested by him or one of his trainees feels off or too much for you, DON'T do it.

Optimal EFT: This is Gary Craig's new version of EFT. There is no tapping involved. This is more of an energy healing technique that he is presently developing. Having lived a very intense spiritual experience (similar to an out-of-body experience or a near-death experience without the death), Gary has known for many years that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. From what I understand, he is now attempting to find a way to bring this spirituality forward to heal people so that each person can connect to their very own personal spiritual experience and live more and more in that place of divinity.

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EFT Workshop Sites

Kelly's Classes: Of course! This is my website. Check my events page first or book your own private workshop with friends and family. :D LOL!

EFT Training, Workshop and Teleclass Directory: The title pretty much speaks for itself. If you want to see whether any EFT events are going on near you, just choose your location and the list appears.

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EFT Related Books


Learning the Basics of EFT

The EFT Manual

The EFT Manual:The EFT Manual This book was originally written by the founder of Emotional Freedom Techniques, Gary Craig. Dawson Church has taken the basics and up-dated the book to correspond to his own point of view. The how-to used to be based on the original EFT Manual which was available for free on the, Emofree.com website. The free manual has now been replaced by a FREE, very in-depth online tutorial which I highly recommend if you have easy access to the Internet as it can't be beat.


The Tapping Solution

The Tapping Solution: This book, by Nick Ortner, is all you need to understand the basics and delve into the beginners use of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/"Tappiing"). A clearly-written book that also includes some fun and useful practice exercises to begin looking at your issues from a deeper point of view as you learn how to tap.


Emotional Freedom Technique For Dummies:EFT for Dummies A good place to learn anything, "for Dummies" books always present their subjects simply, clearly and make them easy to follow. This one is no exception. Written by Helena Fone, the former Director of AAMET (one of the three Classic EFT certification boards), this book is full of tips and technique enhancers.


Buy Energy Tapping

Energy Tapping: Fred Gallo's book still stands as one of the first comprehensive volumes written about Energy Psychology (Emotional Freedom Techniques). He describes what Energy Psychology is and what science it is based on. As a great "how-to" document, it outlines the use of the technique on many different specific types of issues.

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Compilations of Techniques Beyond the Basics

Buy EFT & Beyond

EFT and Beyond: EFT & Beyond Once you've mastered the basics of EFT, you can read this book. Pam Bruner has put together a really useful collection of articles written by some of the most highly respected EFT Practitioners. This book will introduce you to many new and different ways to enrich your use of EFT. As you apply some of these techniques, you will achieve deeper and more lasting results.


Buy Freedom at Your FingertipsBuy Freedom at Your Fingertips

Freedom at Your Fingertips: Ron Ball, aside from instructing you in the basics of Emotional Freedom Techniques in the first chapters, has compiled a great collection of teachings by different EFT professionals. Definitely an important read if you want to know how to tackle subjects like anxiety, pain, addictions, sexuality, sports performance and many more.

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Additional Specific Techniques

Buy Matrix Reimprinting Using EFTBuy Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT

Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT:Buy Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT Matrix Reimprinting uses Emotional Freedom Techniques (or EFT uses the Matrix, depends on how you see it) to revolutionize healing. Once you are comfortable with tapping this will be an easy step and one you won't regret. You will learn to be an emotional helper to earlier versions of yourself (called ECHOs), guiding them to tap and release for themselves the painful events they have lived through and carry the healing forward to today.


Buy Energy EFTBuy Energy EFT

Energy EFTBuy Energy EFT (book and DVD): The author, Silvia Hartmann, is well known in the EFT community for her more energy-based way of using and teaching EFT. This book contains a comprehensive A-Z on how to do Energy EFT as self help. The process is explained step-by-step and includes many case studies. There is more of a concentration on the spiritual and energetic components of healing. Deep breathing is incorporated into this type of EFT.


Positive EFT

Positive EFT: This form of EFT, also from Silvia Hartmann, is not generally used to work through difficulties but more to keep our minds and energies aimed toward the future and the positive outcomes that we want in our lives. This type of tapping has us choosing a positive word or concept and tapping to see what comes up. As above, the breathing is important.

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Stories and Books that Teach EFT to Kids

John Taps Away the Blues

John Taps Away the Blues John Taps Away the Blues (by Gail Mae Ferguson-Maceda): Young John is rehearsing for the school dance show. He is having a great time, really enjoying himself but his friends make fun of him. John is embarrassed and starts to feel bad about himself. Luckily his Mom, Sadie, knows how to do EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and helps John to feel better.

The Wizard's Wish

The Wizard's Wish The Wizard's Wish (by Brad Yates): After a terrible storm, the people of a normally peaceful village find themselves feeling unusually yucky. They feel more angry, sad and scared - and find life more difficult - even in school and sports! But a kindly wizard discovers a wonderful secret that helps them feel even better than before - one they can use themselves - and so can you!

Tapping Away the Blues

Tapping Away the Blues Tapping Away the Blues (by Jayne Ferreira) For children up to the age of 12 and their parents/guardians. This is more than a book; it's a wonderful learning tool. We can teach children (and ourselves) an amazing technique to aid in negative belief change and unhelpful emotional responses including; stress, anger, low levels of self-esteem, fears and more. Children can use this fun technique to help cope with issues such as peer pressure, restlessness and lack of focus (ADHD), fear of public speaking, divorce and bullying, to name a few.

Tapping for Kids

Tapping for Kids Tapping for Kids (by Angie Muccillo - with audio CD): Tapping For Kids offers a thorough introduction to EFT told through story, activities, rhymes and rap, enhancing children's learning and capturing their interest in EFT. Full of 'kid friendly' explanations, poems, exercises and specialised tapping scripts designed to encourage kids to tap everyday as a normal part of their lives, this book is ideal for reading and sharing with your children and can be used as a teaching resource in the classroom or as a tool in therapy. The book is designed to build children's understanding and confidence in using EFT and offers plenty of suggestions for incorporating it into their daily lives.

Buy Tap Into Joy

Tap Into Joy Buy Tap Into Joy (by Sue Busen): This is a guide for parents and their children in how to use EFT so that this generation of children doesn't carry their pain, anger and trauma forward. They can shed it as it occurs.

Big Ted's Guide to Tapping

Big Ted's Guide to Tapping Buy Big Ted's Guide to Tapping (by Alex Kent and Jen Smith): Alex is an adept at Silvia Hartmann's Energy and Positive EFT. He's written this book to open up the Positive EFT realm to children to that they can benefit from it as well. The bear is the teacher.

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Scientific Theory and Data

Buy The Promise of Energy Psychology

The Promise of Energy Psychology: Buy The Promise of Energy Psychology David Feinstein is involved in some of the serious scientific research that is being done around EFT at this time. His wife, Donna Eden, is an Energy Medicine superstar. These two highly respected people, as well as Gary Craig, founder of EFT, and neuroscientist, Candace Pert, explain and explore in this book the enormous possibilities for healing that become available when we use Energy Psychology tools and techniques.


Buy The Genie in Your Genes

The Genie in Your Genes: Buy The Genie in Your Genes Dawson Church has written this book to explain the hows and whys of EFT using all the scientific information available today. Epigenetics are explained as well as their connection to Energy Psychology (EFT, Tapas Acupressure Technique, Thought Field Therapy, etc.) in general. A fascinating read!


Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis

Energy Medicine - The Scientific Basis: Buy Energy Medicine - The Scientific BasisThis book explains the connections between today's scientific understandings and how some of these understandings can explain the reasons behind how and why energy medicine works.


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Sites with Articles on How People Use EFT

Kelly's Articles: I've written a number of articles which you can find on my Articles page.

Official EFT: There are full-length videos where Gary helps clients to tap using Skype on Emofree.com. Just listening to him work can give you a lot of insight into how to get the best results using EFT. He has over 3000 articles on the site as well, the very first EFT library.

EFT Free: This site was created as a place for EFTers to publish and read articles and other information related to practicing EFT during a period when it seemed that Emofree was going to disappear. It didn't but they have collected a good number of interesting articles over the years. They will be merging these articles onto the AAMET website shortly. There is a search engine and a list of categories right on the Home Page.

EFT Universe: This site also has a good number of articles on a variety of subjects. You can start your search here with some suggested categories but, if you don't find what you are looking for, you can go to the Search Page and type in your own keywords.

Attracting Abundance: Carol Look is a very highly respected EFT Master and this is her website. Over the years, she has written many a good article.

MasteringEFT: Patricia Carrington is an EFT Master who is best known for her very popular way of adding a positive note to EFT using her Choices Method. She has written a fair number of articles on the subject of EFT.

The AMT: This site has many case studies and other types of articles related to using Energy EFT and Positive EFT, Silvia Hartmann's own particular brands of EFT. Some of the wording and terminology is different from Classic EFT practice and may be confusing.

SelfGrowth.com: This site has many articles but they are in no particular order. You can type your subject or keyword in the Google search bar at the top. Remember to put in EFT as one of the keywords as well or you'll end up with articles on your subject but not just those related to EFT.

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Scientific Research on EFT

EFT Universe: This is the most user-friendly page for easily finding data regarding scientific research into EFT.

ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology): ACEP also has a set of pages on the scientific research being done today. They have put out a call for those looking to submit research papers and grant proposals for funding.

AAMET's Research Page: AAMET, another certification board, has also compiled a set of pages that cover the available resources regarding EFT research.

InnerSource.net - D. Feinstein and D. Eden: David Feinstein continues to be involved in a number of serious research projects regarding EFT. The findings are published here on his site. Choose a subject that interests you under "Articles & More" in the Menu.

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Classic EFT Certifications

AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques): A highly respected organization who has been around and serious about ethical practices and good quality workshops since 1999. The group was started by an EFT Master. Based in Europe.

ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology): Gary Craig's daughter, Tina Craig, heads this certification program which appears to be the most rigourous and which adheres most strictly to Gary Craig's Official EFT teachings. Based in California, U.S.A.

EFTUniverse: Much of the content on this site came from Gary Craig's old Emofree site. Dawson Church and a few others head this group and its high standards toward EFT. They are involved in much of the most prominent scientific research currently being done regarding EFT. Based in the U.S.A.

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Other EFT Related Trainings

The AMT (The Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies): Silvia Hartmann has created her own version of EFT based more on the energy and spiritual aspects of the technique. Many Classic EFTers have this version also under their belts and some prefer it. It's a question of personal taste but my suggestion would always be to learn Classic EFT first and add the variants once you've mastered the basics. This is my opinion and it's biased by my being a Classic EFTer.

FasterEFT: Robert Smith, as mentioned above, has created a very simple and powerful version of EFT. Please note: The ethical practices of Robert Smith and some of his colleagues have come underfire in the EFT community. Some stories told by previous FasterEFT Practitioners and some traumatized clients have shed serious doubts on the ethics and the understanding of trauma issues by this group. Take the tool, apply it with enormous compassion and good ethics and it will be another good tool in your toolbox. He has his own certification process.

Matrix Reimprinting: This particular technique uses EFT in "the Matrix". That is to say, a previous version of the self (called the ECHO) is visited by the present-day self in a negative memory. This earlier self is taught to tap. Listening to the wants and needs of this previous, often younger, often traumatized, version of the self and allowing it use EFT directly can bring about profound changes.

Simple Energy Techniques (SET): Two of the best-known Australian EFT Practitioners, Steve Wells and David Lake, have developped a version of EFT that is worth learning. It's a form of "continuous tapping" and eliminates an issue some people have with EFT: "I don't know what words to say". Wells and Lake teach that the words are not important. Any time, any place, with intention, with concentration, with words or with none of the above - just tap. Your general sense of well-being will rise.

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EFT Videos


Interesting DVD Sets ($)

Gwyneth Moss: She has a set of case studies where she taps for different types of issues with various people. Watching masterful practitioners at work is always an eye-opener. The DVDs can be bought together or separately.

I highly recommend her "Imagineering" DVDs. It's a technique that she developed to deal with physical pain that wasn't present at the time of a session, however, I find it to be a powerful way to use metaphor to deal with almost anything going on in the body at any time.

Jaqui Crooks: We don't realize how our birth and our ancestors are still affecting us today. Jaqui has a number of useful DVDs but the ones I recommend most highly are "Transform Your Past" and the two on Rebirthing yourself and your child. Great stuff! Shipping from the UK.

Learn How to Tap: Karin Davidson has recorded a number of DVDs on how to use EFT on many subjects (see the list in the menu on the right). Lots of useful packages with case studies here. The DVDs I would especially recommend are those hosting EFT Masters. It's always powerful to watch an expert do her/his stuff.


Online Videos (FREE)

Please take into account the following: A general tapping script/video that invites you to follow along, is very unlikely to give you complete healing for your personal issues. Your life's events and their different aspects must often be dealt with specifically, one at a time, to achieve true/permanent relief. Tapping scripts and videos are generally too global in nature to achieve that end but they can give you an idea of how EFT works and allow you to experience a certain level of release.

A NOTE ABOUT TRAUMA: Please know that if you are dealing with trauma (yours or someone else's) it is very important to make sure that you tread carefully. To be sure the person remains safe, trauma work should always be done with an experienced healthcare professional or EFT practitioner. Ensure that the proper external resources are available in case of severe abreaction.

There are so many videos about EFT that I can't begin to direct you to the ones that will interest you specifically so I won't even try. Other than the intro video that I have on my EFT Page, I suggest that you hunt around for yourself.

Probably the easiest place to start your search is YouTube.com, of course. Suggested keywords would be: EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques or Technique, Tapping. You can further narrow down your search results by adding to the above keywords an issue or emotion keyword such as: "how to", "weight loss" or "fear of heights".

Official EFT: I can only suggest that you go systematically through the very thorough tutorial offered for FREE by the founder of EFT, Gary Craig. On his website, Emofree.com, there are full-length videos categorized as "Coaching Libraries" where Gary and/or his daughter, Tina, helps clients to tap on their different issues. Just watching either of them work and listening to their language can give you a lot of insight into how to get the best results using EFT.

EFT Hub: Gary Williams created this resource to help people learn and use EFT to make their lives better. He is constantly adding video interviews with well-known, knowledgable EFTers. Well worth a visit.

FasterEFT: This is the main website for one of the most well-known and popular variations of tapping. Robert Smith has literally hundreds of videos on YouTube. His philosophy in applying tapping as well as some of the points he uses are quite different from Gary Craig's original teachings but this technique is also very powerful and effective. One can never have too many tools in one's healing toolbox.

Tapping.com: This site has some basic videos that show how to tap but I consider them a bit too elementary for deep work.


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EFT Audios / Podcasts

Kelly's FREE audio downloads: I have two short audio files that you can download for FREE if you sign up for my monthly newsletter. They are both tap-alongs: review your "to-do list" in the morning and relax before bed as you tap the end-of-day routine. Please take advantage of them.

The sites below all have FREE podcasts or audio files that you can listen to at your leisure. There are lots of interviews with well-known EFTers and many different subjects. Some of the sites have the option to subscribe so you won't miss any future shows. There's something for everyone!


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EFT Related Films

The Tapping Solution
The Tapping Solution: The Tapping Solution is a documentary that follows a group of people who come together for a weekend to learn and apply tapping. Supported by highly qualified EFT Practitioners and their team, the participants explore their issues (fibromyagia, memories of war, loss of a loved one in an auto accident, etc.). As the weekend advances, we learn more about these people and we see the changes begin. By the end, the results that some achieve are remarkable. You are encouraged to tap along and "borrow benefits". This will give you results on some of your own issues.

Operation: Emotional Freedom: This documentary film follows a number of war vets who have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) through learning and applying EFT to their emotionally traumatic memories, some dating back to the Vietnam War. The transformations are awesome to watch!

Kenya: Until Hope is Found: In this documentary about healing deep trauma in Kenya, at about the 36th minute, you will see the film-maker himself, Patrick Mureitha, share FasterEFT with the healing group he is filming. The next day, he shows the reactions of some of the participants after some have used the tapping. The testimonials are moving. Very interesting film on ways for people to heal from emotional trauma in parts of Africa where they have few psychotherapeutic resources and no money to pay for them even if they did exist. Inspires great hope!

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