One-on-One Consultations


How long is a session? 1 hour 15-30 minutes (coaching) / 2 to 3.5 hours (spiritual hypnosis)



Where does the session happen? Client's preference:

  • By Zoom (video chat)
  • Face-to-face in the client's space (West Island and mid-to-western Montreal area)*
  • In a rental space (cost of the rental space and any parking cost to me is added to the cost of the session)

* For sessions involving travel to your area: Always check with me. Depending on distance and other factors, I cannot always accept.



What happens during the different types of sessions?


  • If you're not familiar with them, I will tell you a bit about the techniques we'll be using and how they work
  • We'll have a short discussion around the issue(s) that you would like to look at (emotional, physical, spiritual)
  • Using whichever techniques and tools I sense would be most helpful (generally EFT but sometimes others): we'll discuss the possible roots of the chosen issue and explore it to find a satisfying resolution or reframe
  • We'll do check-ins thoughout the session to see whether the new emotional reaction to the problem is sticking



  • To start, you will tell me about any parts of your journey/ceremony/trip that you want to discuss (the parts that seem to you to be: unprocessed, unclear, difficult to digest, too far out there to tell other people - aliens, spirits, demons, too exciting/moving to share, most meaningful, etc.)
  • I will ask you questions for clarification and to stimulate you to begin seeing the most helpful meanings this experience can hold for you
  • Together we'll decide what's most useful: explore any insights or possible meanings, discuss/introduce different philosophies/theories, talk about the spiritual aspects and implications, look at the symbolism, use holistic healing techniques to help process anything that feels stuck, uncomfortable or disturbing, etc.
  • When I get insights or what I often call "flashes", images or "downloads" while we talk, I will describe to you what I get and then we'll see whether it resonates for you and, if so, how it can be useful
  • Once we've looked at the elements of the experience and identified the parts that might need some help integrating, we'll brainstorm what action steps you can take to bring the teachings from the journey into your life in a more concrete, embodied way... are there any practices, journaling, contemplation, art or meditation that you feel you could do and which would help with the integration?



  • If you have any questions or concerns about the hypnosis itself and what it entails or its effects, we'll chat about that
  • We'll have a short discussion around the issue(s) that you would like to look at (emotional, physical, spiritual)
  • You will get your body in a comfortable position (reclining in a chair or lying down, as you wish)
  • If you want to record the session, I will begin the recording
  • We will invoke all deities, angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, healing support, helpful light beings and protection that feel important to the both of us
  • I will guide you in a beginning visualization to relax the body and mind
  • I will ask you to concentrate on the issue we are exploring and we will see what symbolism your body and mind bring to consciousness - this might be in the form of physical sensations, emotions, images, sounds, smells, memories or anything else that your subconscious finds appropriate for us to look at
  • We will journey down the path that your subconscious wants us to take - there will likely be: dialog between you and I (yes, you can easily speak under hypnosis), times of quiet reflection or discovery for you, questions from me to your subconscious mind, suggestions on how things might be perceived differently
  • When the session feels complete, I will guide you gently out of trance
  • We'll ground back into the present moment
  • Before we end, we will have a short discussion around any themes, insights or questions that came up that you would either like to anchor more deeply into your future life or discuss for clarity



How much does a session cost? Check the FEES page for prices and contact me directly to book an appointment.



How can I make an appointment? Go to the CONTACT page and choose your prefered mode of communication.

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