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Is Your Light Shining As Brightly As It Could?

Hi. My name is Kelly Roughton. I like to call myself a Healing Journey Co-Pilot. I use Emotional Freedom Techniques and a host of other tools to help you navigate your life's journey with less stress and more ease.

Whether you're a student or a client, my goal is to be supportive and helpful, like a sherpa accompanying you through the challenges in your life. You may be working your way out of a difficult stretch or focusing on building a dream. As we go along, I carry some of the tools and equipment we'll need to get to where we want to go.

People who are like myself who feel that their purpose for being here on Earth is to help make the world a better place seem to be drawn to work with me but, of course, I enjoy working with people whatever their struggle. Sometimes it's just about learning how to hold on as a difficult patch blows through.

Many of my clients find they've gotten stuck or lost in their own issues and are having trouble being that light to the world that they would like to be. They are physically, mentally or emotionally depleted. These are difficult if not impossible conditions from which they attempt to support others.

I understand these people best because this was me until not that long ago – read my story.


Does this sound like you?


Having found healing for many of my own issues, I am now able to offer my help and support to those on a similar journey.
I can help YOU to better shine your beautiful light.

You can make your way through to the other side of your own issues and begin to make a difference in other peoples’ lives. Our pasts can be risen above and our innate “lightworker” selves can be nurtured into full being. I know this from personal experience and I encourage you to believe this can happen for you also.

In my coaching sessions, I help my clients master really innovative and powerful techniques (EFT/Tapping and PTT) and get to root causes using Exploratory Hypnosis. Using these methods, you will reduce and often completely remove the stumbling blocks to you being the person you know you came here to be, no matter how long you've had those issues. As I guide you in using these tools, the results can be astounding.

When you work with me, not only will I help you learn how to work through many of these blockages yourself and get your life back but you will also be able to apply the techniques when you are on your own. That way, no matter what happens down the road, you will have access to my support AND you'll have these impressive tools in your own toolbox.

Book a session with me or take an introductory class in Emotional Freedom Techniques.


PLEASE NOTE:  EFT and other holistic healing modalities are in NO WAY intended to replace your present medical or psychological regimes or treatments. They are intended to be used to augment and support those regimes in the same way that eating a balanced diet helps your body to function at its best.

The version of EFT that I use and teach is my own interpretation of Gary Craig's original teachings. For more information about Gary's work please visit Emofree.com.

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