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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/"Tapping")


Very simply explained, EFT is a mind/body technique where we use our fingertips to tap a few specific acupuncture points on the face and upper body while focusing on a negative emotion, an unpleasant memory or an uncomfortable physical sensation. These easy steps lead to an emotional release and a shift in perception.

Learn EFT (tapping) from founder Gary Craig

EFT amplifies the efficiency of the usual acupuncture intervention by eliminating the need for needles, reducing the number of points used and acknowledging the role that our negative thoughts and emotions play in our mental and physical health.

Tapping has been proven to have a positive impact on the amygdala, the part of your brain that controls the stress response. A stress response can be triggered by fear, anger, sadness or any number of other painful emotions. Using the technique sends a calming signal to the amygdala disrupting the stress response and reducing the flow of stess hormones in your body. When this happens your mind and body return to a state of relaxation which is essential for healing and growth. Repeating this process retrains your brain to understand that a stress response is not necessary when faced with the particular stimulant you've been working on.

The result of using EFT is a noticable reduction in negative emotions: stress, fear, anger, sadness, shame, guilt, etc. and a corresponding rise in general well-being which often includes a decrease or resolution of physical symptoms.

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Spirit-Guided Tapping


EFT/"Tapping" (see description above) is incredibly effective all on its own as a modality for turning down the volume on all kinds of upsetting emotional issues. So, combining this powerful tool with the valuable insight gleaned from a psychic reading just increases its performance. The psychic reading brings clarity of aim and strength of focus before beginning a session via spirit-guided insight as well as offering precision tracking information during the session.

Different clients might be drawn to different readers' styles, personalities and offerings. With this in mind, a number of different types of spirit-guided readers have been chosen as options (Sheila Bicknell, Joanne Delafo and Catharine Allan). These are knowledgeable and trusted woman with many years' experience. Each one has a very unique way of working with their spirit guides and other spiritual connections and combining that with the tapping work for incredibly powerful sessions!

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Spiritual Hypnosis


NOTE: I only do Spiritual Hypnosis during in-person sessions.

Hypnosis is so often misunderstood. Have you ever experienced a guided meditation? Remember that state that seems half-sleep: you are deeply focused, yet you COULD be aware of all that is going on around you and "wake up" at any time should you so choose? Hypnosis is the same. It is simply the aim of the focus that is different in a hypnosis session. Contrary to what Hollywood and media fear-mongering would have you believe, the control of how deep into trance a person goes, what is revealed to the hypnotist and what is not revealed is always in the client's power. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

AdventureIn my hypnosis sessions, the client is the adventurer into their own inner world and I, the hypnotist, am the sherpa and guide, the carrier of tools and supplies, the support when necessary. We're travelling together but your subconscious leads the way.

For those with a desire for healing who are open to exploring hypnotic trance with a curious, "no-expectations" about a specific outcome attitude, I offer these special sessions. To get the highest benefit from this type of experience, the sessions are generally 2 to 3 hours long.

We will follow the path from an issue that you would like to resolve to whatever images present themselves. It may involve past lives, spirit attachments, UFO experiences, contact with spirit guides or simple present-day experiences and symbols. We can never tell in advance what route the mind will take to heal itself.

Is this real or fantasy? It's impossible for any living human being to truly know. Each person will draw their own conclusions for themselves. The experience will be at the very least interesting and insightful and at most cathartic and healing. What are you waiting for? Make your appointment now! :D

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Picture Tapping Technique


This technique is used in conjuction with EFT. The client is invited to draw images (realistic or abstract) to represent the emotion or issue that is causing distress. Once the image has been drawn we use EFT to deal with its content.

Picture Tapping TechniqueDrawing the issue allows us to by-pass the critical and analytical parts of our brain and to have a "conversation" directly with the subconscious mind, the part that controls so many of our thoughts and actions. In other words, we use PTT to avoid getting too deeply mired in words, stories and discussions by drawing images that show our perception of the problem. Remember that a picture paints a thousand words.

A series of pictures is drawn and "tapped on" (EFT), making the process very creative and fun to do, and at the same time it is profoundly effective. Often a problem can be entirely resolved without the client having to feel the full depth of distressing emotions that are usually associated with the subject.

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Reiki is an energy healing modality that resembles the laying on of hands often depicted in films but with a lot less drama. The idea is to simply channel divine energy into the body of the recipient (hands on or off depending on the person's preference) allowing divine source to decide where that energy is most needed in the moment.

ReikiMy tendency is to use Reiki as a calming or settling element in an EFT or hypnosis session. I find it good for integrating insights and learnings or to take a break from any intense emotions that might come up using other modalities.

The client remains fully clothed to receive Reiki.

I rarely do a full session of only Reiki, though you can always ask for one.

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If you are intested in trying any of these techniques, contact me for more information or simply to find out what I might be able to help you with. The list of possible situations that these methods can ease is very extensive.

PLEASE NOTE:  EFT and other holistic healing modalities are in NO WAY intended to replace your present medical or psychological regimes or treatments. They are intended to be used to augment and support those regimes in the same way that eating a balanced diet helps your body to function at its best.

The version of EFT that I use and teach is my own interpretation of Gary Craig's original teachings. For more information about Gary's work please visit

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